No Harm in Yarn

Can't we all just knit along?


Starrrrted Me Hat

We Call Them Pirates Hat

This is my first real fair isle type project. I think I'm getting better with the tension of the "strands" the more I work. My sister said the skulls look like pumpkins. Evil pirate pumpkins, she means! Anyhow, I guess the orange could give one that impression...
Well, I like pumpkins too.

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From the desk of a professional knitter...

Here is some commissioned work from a fellow Etsy seller. She sent her own yarn, some measurements, and from that I knit 4 doggie sweaters. The photo isn't so hot but you can see the luster and the vivid colors. It is really pretty. It's a wool/ silk blend and it's not really next-to-the-skin soft, but it would be great for accessories and I bet it felts beautifully.
Dog-less dog sweaters always remind me of little crustaceans. Tee-hee!



More Sock Yarn

L&V Sock Marathon 2007 Stash Cont.

I just got most of these in the mail this week. I won't order any more sock yarn for a very long time. I promise.
I will knit from my stash.
I will knit from my stash.
I will knit from my stash...

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Yarrrn fer Me New Hat

We Call Them Pirates Yarrrrn

I'm making the We Call Them Pirates Hat with these lovelies. I will use the green/blue/taupe for the background and the orange for the skulls. This is Peru DK Luxury , an Alpaca/Silk/ Merino blend. I hand painted the greenish one to make it a little more interesting. This is not helping with my sock issues, but I really love it and there's a Knit Along too. There is an "end date" of March 15th. Then I have the rest of the year for socks!!!

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Yay! Lime & Violet Sock Marathon 2007!

On Flikr there is a group where you photograph your sock yarn stash, figure out the total yardage, translate it into miles, and then try to knit as much of it as you can by July. If you click on the photo below you will not only see pertinent yarn info, but will be able to link to the group from there.

Sock Marathon 2007 Stash

Already this group has made me feel better about the size of my stash (one knitter had to post 4 photos to show it all) and it's a little therapeutic. I have brought my "problem" out into the light. I've taken a photo and posted it for all to see. I've labeled each and every individual "lapse". Now I can work though my problem/stash. Good stuff.
And you know I super-duper vacuumed the rug and locked the cat in the basement before I put all that yarn on the floor!

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I Have a Really Good Reason This Time!

I bought this...

It's Violet's Pink Ribbon Yarn by Lisa Souza ( It's under sock yarns and at the very bottom of the page). Proceeds from it's purchase go towards the medical bills of Miss Violet of Lime and Violet fame. Recently she found some alarming lumps (she calls them rocks) in her breast and her insurance company will not be covering a chunk of the costs(!!!!). So I bought the yarn and will join the Miss Violet's Pink Ribbon KAL. You should too. It'll make you feel good-good-good-good...

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If I had gotten some for Christmas... probably wouldn't have made any difference. I just ordered these...




Now I'll REALLY rock. Socks that Rock, why do you torment me so? I just payed for the sock club too. Is there ever enough yarn to satisfy me? Apparently not.

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Hey, I just listed this!

Strata Felted Scarf

Yeah, it's in my Etsy shop. It was fun to make.

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