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Some Finished Business

Here are a few (a very few) finished object photos:

This is "A Somewhat Seussish Trout" from the ASU spin along on Ravelry. It's Polwarth, which is a new fiber for me. I spun my 4 oz. into a worsted weight chain ply. Super cushy yarn!

This is half of my Basan Sheep to Shoe Kit from BMFA spun into a 3 ply fingering weight. I must note that this fiber was the smoothest SW Merino I've ever spun. There were almost no "beebles"( Those little mats of fiber that get on my nerves. I don't know what their official name is.) It's destined to become socks.

Here's a modified Oz Vest for the new little boy on my husband's side of the family. I used left over yarn from Griff's blanket, so yay for stash reduction and thriftiness!

I finished these socks that I knit from the yarn I spun from CMF SW Merino Roving. The color is Suzie Q but I like to think of it as One Last Kiss. I'm allowed to. It's my yarn.

Oh yes. And a little sweetness...


Blogger Betty said...

Beautiful little boy you got there.

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