No Harm in Yarn

Can't we all just knit along?



I just signed up for this!

Muh-ha-ha! MUH-ha-ha!!

Actually, I'm only pre-registered and it won't be official until I've paid in January. It's $210 for a year (6 kits) which is, like, $35 for a pair of socks(..."that you have to knit yourself", my husband would say, if I ever let him know)! But, come January 1st I'll have lots of freshly gifted Christmas money in hand (one would hope) and I will love those pricey socks with all my heart!

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I'd die first.

First of all, what is up with her boobs? One of her bra straps broke, or something. Sorry. I was just looking at free patterns on Lion Brands website and...ugh!



I finished these last night. They're the Mock Croc Sock pattern from Knitpicks and Trekking XXL 108. My sister has a funny saying"What a Croc!". So, naturally, I knit these for her. The "flashed" photo shows color and the second shows texture.

Jens Socks w/ Flash

Jen's Socks

The pattern was easy and it used less yarn. I wanna keep 'um.


My Handsome Boy!

Butterfinger @ 2 Months

We have had him for a little over 2 months. His shell is about 4" from tail to neck. I think he's doubled in size! I adore him!


Icarus is Finished!

Icarus Point

Icarus Detail

Icarus Finished

I used Merino Lace yarn in Pink Frost and size 4 needles. There were 950 yards and it was plenty.

What was left...
This is what I had left. So, there really wasn't any need for me to freak out and order more yarn. Don't worry! I will just have to make more lace!


See ya!

I'm leaving for my craft show! Here's some superwash I dyed. I love how it soaked up the color! I wanna keep it.

Basket o' Handpainted Sock Yarn
The flash kinda flattened the colors, but they're still pretty vivid.