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Can't we all just knit along?



It's so crispy in Philadelphia! I love this time of year.

I've made some progress on a vest for my soon to be 2(!) year old.

I've used my ASU handspun(seen in my last post) and some dark brown alpaca. I really need to sew up the sides and do the arm holes an neck ribbing. It's been sitting in a bag, so close to being finished, for a month. Tisk tisk.

I've knit socks from the Basan yarn (also in the last post). They'll be a gift for ---------. I'm sure this person doesn't read my blog, but maybe....

I've also knit a hot water bottle cozy from wool a friend brought to me from Ireland. I never use hot water bottles, but now I will find reasons to!

I knit my sweet baby a handsome sweater from Wool Ease. I love this yarn. Period. The pattern is free on the Lion brand website too(I improvised a little, though). I think it's perfect for jumping in leaves.

The change in season, and the latest issue of Spin Off, have inspired me to try some natural dyeing. I'm thinking walnuts. So, I stopped under a walnut tree in Pennypack Park today. I jumped out of my car with a bag and started filling it with walnuts. The people in the parking lot(with the packing tape back window and a tennis ball on their antenna)looked at me like I was a loon. It was kinda awesome. Anyhow, I smashed them up with a hammer and have them soaking in a bucket. Either I'm very much channeling the "pioneer spirit" or I am ghetto beyond all belief. All will be revealed in the wool. And probably the next post.


Anonymous arthella said...

i love the crispness of autumn too. i was also inspired by the latest spin-off and was thinking where can i find a walnut tree. can't wait to the fruit of your labor!

5:41 PM  
Anonymous pegi said...

I love the color of the Griffinator sweater!! I miss your blogging, Heath!! Course, I miss mine , too!!! :)

10:03 PM  

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