No Harm in Yarn

Can't we all just knit along?


Little Blue Box Socks!

I just finished these last night! I can't get a photo that shows how much the swarovski crystals sparkle. I love them and can't wait until it's not 97 degrees to wear them!

Little Blue Box Socks

Little Blue Box Socks Detail

I used my own hand painted yarn in "Little Blue Box". Not really a color I would normally keep, but there were knots and breaks in the skein, and I don't sell those! Now I feel like it was destiny! Yeah, it's a little corny.

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Baby's First Koigu

I have always heard others waxing poetic about Koigu. Until Saturday, I'd never really felt a burning need to buy it. I had a gift certificate for Yarn Gallery from Christmas and I spotted this:

Baby's 1st Koigu

It's Koigu 706. I never, ever buy yellow! I was enthralled by the speckles and....I guess it's the speckles!
I have many projects on the list before this becomes anything, but I thought I had to post it.



Regia "Shadow" Anklets

There's something very satisfying about getting a pair of socks out of one 50g ball of yarn that cost only $2. I've never done anklets before because, I didn't know toe-up and, it gets dicey cuff down with questionable yardage. I like them!

Regia Schatten Color #5163 Anklets



Firefly Sky Socks

I know I'm goofy (so does everybody else), but I look forward to "lightning bugs" every year. I know they show up sometime in June, but I start looking for them at the end of May. There are fewer than there were when I was a little kid, but they're still magical. So, I knit these socks with little green beads and I think, subconsciously, I was getting myself a firefly fix.

Firefly Sky Socks

Firefly Sky Socks Detail

Yarn: Trekking XXL 66
Needles: Knit Picks DPN US1
Pattern: Plain Stockinette w/ beads