No Harm in Yarn

Can't we all just knit along?


End of the Rainbow

Just finished these!

Rainbow Jaywalkers

Awful photo, and great socks! I forget how slow moving Jaywalkers are, but I'm always happy with the results.



You know, people in my neighborhood make fun of me because I pass 3 other grocery stores to shop at Super Fresh. They say it's "too expensive" or "too far" (about 2 miles away, and I'm not walking or riding a bike there, by the way). Well, their stores have awful produce, long lines, and the prices are the same , or higher. It is not worth half a mile less travel time, believe me.
One thing their precious grocery stores don't have is a magical discount book bin that appears randomly throughout the year. So, while buying Pop Tarts and Avocados, I find these.

The Jo Sharp book has at least 4 things I would absolutely wear. The other, Design & Knit the Sweater of Your Dreams, has great information on sweater design and construction. Each book cost only $4.65. I couldn't believe it!
Take that, Shop Rite shoppers!



I just finished this last night. I had a minor set back during the decreasing portion of the program. The Husband and I sat down to watch Letters From Iwo Jima. So, one of the lights in the living room was promptly clicked off to rid us of pesky glare. That's fine. Who needs light to knit? I could knit in near darkness! Ha! No problem! Then the subtitles start. Okay, I'll look away when no one is talking. So I miss some scenic vistas. I'll live. The island is just volcanic gravel, isn't it?
Before you know it, I'm engrossed, and missing YO's and SSK's right and left. I had to wait until it was over, and my husband went to bed, to fix it. I only had to rip back 2 rows. It was a great movie. And an awesome Odessa...

Sprout Odessa Side
Sprout Odessa Back
Sprout Odessa Top
SPROUT- Turbo Monkey Hand Painted Superwash Yarn
The yarn is the new Turbo Monkey Superwash Sport/DK from my shop.


2 Socks Don't Make a Right!

Uh, I mean PAIR!
I've knit two socks for two separate pair.
Pocketful of Rainbows

One of the Rainbow Jaywalkers is done.

1  Black Risata Sock

This is one ankle sock in Black Knit Picks Risata
for my husband. I started knitting these before finishing the Jaywalkers, not because of second sock syndrome, but because his birthday is in August. I made the mistake of knitting this sock right in front of him. In the past he never caught on to this practice and I relied on his lack of interest to get things knitted quickly. Well, when the dog jumped on the couch and narrowly missed the sock in progress, he told her to "watch out for Daddy's new sock". The Shock! The Horror! He knows!
So, I let him try on the finished sock and he ran around in it for a minute. Please enjoy the dog hair still clinging to it in the photo!
Anyhow, this Risata stuff is pretty nice. We'll see about the washing and wear before my final approval.


Just Some Stash Photos. There is No Reason to be Alarmed.

Knit Picks Felici in Aurora

This will become little ankle socks for me, and...

The Man in Black
Knit Picks Risata in Black

This will be ankle socks for my husband. There's cotton and elastic in there somewhere. It has a nice texture.

I'm still working on the Jaywalkers, and they're awesome! Photos soon!



I've started a new pair of socks. Just in case they need an introduction, they're Jaywalkers in Regia Nation Color 5399.

elvis j's

I've also gotten an invite to ravelry. I really love it and I hope everyone else gets to do this soon!


Hot Friggin Socks, Baby!

Opal Hand Paint #12 Socks

There they are! The last entry in the L&V Sock Marathon. The yarn is Opal Hand Paint #12 and it's a basic toe-up, short row heel with calf increases.
It's 100 degrees in Philadelphia today, so the photo is the best I could do while wearing calf length wool socks. I've knitted 3.04 miles worth of sock yarn since mid January, and my sock drawer is lookin' good! Here's a photo of my L&VSM projects:

L&V Sock Marathon Memories...

I guess I had/have a lot of blue sock yarn. See, I learn something about myself every day.

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I just ordered one of these...

I bought it here. I just hope there are some crocodiles left when I start Christmas shopping.

I have been making/sewing little bags while I await yarn to dye. Here are the 2 newest...

The Beautiful Sisters Small Project Bag
Chrysanthemum Small Project Bag
Sewing projects are definitely more bearable than steamy yarn painting in humid 'ol Philly!

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Look What I Found!

There is a site where you can put your own color pallettes together, or just create your own colors and name them. I realize that this won't be exciting for everyone, but I could design yarn palettes here. I could design sweaters or rooms with this. I love it!

I named this one "Bad JuJu". Heh heh!