No Harm in Yarn

Can't we all just knit along?


2 Socks Don't Make a Right!

Uh, I mean PAIR!
I've knit two socks for two separate pair.
Pocketful of Rainbows

One of the Rainbow Jaywalkers is done.

1  Black Risata Sock

This is one ankle sock in Black Knit Picks Risata
for my husband. I started knitting these before finishing the Jaywalkers, not because of second sock syndrome, but because his birthday is in August. I made the mistake of knitting this sock right in front of him. In the past he never caught on to this practice and I relied on his lack of interest to get things knitted quickly. Well, when the dog jumped on the couch and narrowly missed the sock in progress, he told her to "watch out for Daddy's new sock". The Shock! The Horror! He knows!
So, I let him try on the finished sock and he ran around in it for a minute. Please enjoy the dog hair still clinging to it in the photo!
Anyhow, this Risata stuff is pretty nice. We'll see about the washing and wear before my final approval.


Anonymous Jennie said...

I love the rainbow socks. Aww your hubby is pretty darn smart lol. Can't wait to hear more about the KP Risata. :)

10:29 PM  

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