No Harm in Yarn

Can't we all just knit along?


Why Rain is Good.

Here are a few beauties that have reaped the benefits of our rainy Philadelphia spring.

Osteospermum "Margarita del Cabo"

Osteospermum "Margarita del Cabo"

Evelyn Rose Detail

Neon Star Dianthus



I'm working on Jack Sparrow's Favorite Socks in Knit Picks Risata. Love the pattern. Love the yarn. This Risata stuff rocks!

Jack Sparrow's in Progress w/ Booty

I have finished one, and have yet to cast on another. I told myself that I had to finish The Myrtle Leaf Shawl before I picked up anything else. I have 4 chart repeats to go, and then the border. Not so bad! Yep.


Out of Many, One.

So, I've been working on several projects at once and, when I do this, I always feel like I'm not getting anything done. Finally something is finished.

Maple Leaf Socks in "Java" CTH
Maple Leaf Socks Detail

The Maple Leaf Socks from Jeanie Townsend in CTH Supersock "Java" are done! They are a comfortable fit and I know I'll wear them constantly in the Fall.

Now I need to go knit!