No Harm in Yarn

Can't we all just knit along?


Yarrrn fer Me New Hat

We Call Them Pirates Yarrrrn

I'm making the We Call Them Pirates Hat with these lovelies. I will use the green/blue/taupe for the background and the orange for the skulls. This is Peru DK Luxury , an Alpaca/Silk/ Merino blend. I hand painted the greenish one to make it a little more interesting. This is not helping with my sock issues, but I really love it and there's a Knit Along too. There is an "end date" of March 15th. Then I have the rest of the year for socks!!!

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Blogger Growing Investor said...

sweet deal, knit me a sock =]

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Those colors are going to be great for the hat!

8:41 AM  

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