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Yay! Lime & Violet Sock Marathon 2007!

On Flikr there is a group where you photograph your sock yarn stash, figure out the total yardage, translate it into miles, and then try to knit as much of it as you can by July. If you click on the photo below you will not only see pertinent yarn info, but will be able to link to the group from there.

Sock Marathon 2007 Stash

Already this group has made me feel better about the size of my stash (one knitter had to post 4 photos to show it all) and it's a little therapeutic. I have brought my "problem" out into the light. I've taken a photo and posted it for all to see. I've labeled each and every individual "lapse". Now I can work though my problem/stash. Good stuff.
And you know I super-duper vacuumed the rug and locked the cat in the basement before I put all that yarn on the floor!

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Blogger AR said...

That's not too bad. I saw some! Wow!
And, Yay for you for the Violet's Pink Ribbon Yarn. :)

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

I agree it's not so bad. I have to admit I have a problem with buying sock yarn and it would probably take a few photos to capture it all.

7:27 PM  
Blogger The_Add_Knitter said...

Yes, I have the same sock yarn obsession...after posting about this on my blog and my resolve to knit only from my stash in 2007, many people wrote me and said that sock yarn didn't count as stash. They're all enablers, I tell you!

8:27 PM  

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