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Foo-Foo and the Very Bad Knitter

So, someone on Flickr posted a colorway from Socks that Rock named Foo-Foo. My sisters nickname, at least growing up, was Foo-Foo (I really don't know why). You know I had to get it. But, if I'm paying $5.50 shipping on 1 skein or 3, I'll take 3!




Did I ever mention that I dye my own sock yarn?
Anyhow, my sis isn't a knitter so I will make socks or a scarf for her from Foo-Foo. Hopefully this package and my Rockin' Sock Club package will arrive concurrently so, if my husband sees them, he'll think they're all part of my first month installment! I'd rather just be the one home when the mail shows up!

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Anonymous Kelly said...

You picked beautiful colorways! Hope you get to the package before your husband does! Luckily my husband works 2nd shift so he's never here when the mail comes!

5:25 PM  
Blogger AR said...

Great colors! I'd have taken 3 (or more) too. hehe

p.s. your jaywalkers from the last post are wonderful. I love the colors of those, too.

9:27 PM  

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