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Unrequited Yarn Lust

Did you ever see a yarn that you loved and couldn't have? Either it was discontinued, or won't ship to your country, or is insanely popular? There was such a skein of yarn that was forever eluding me. I admit that I would stalk it. I'd stay up until all hours of the night because it had been hinted, via 3rd party, that it would be listed for sale that evening. I had even saved up and put aside the ridiculous amount of money I would have to pay for it, if I ever got it. Finally I said, "Woman! People tell you that you're a talented dyer. Why don't you just dye the perfect skein?" So, I did. It's not exactly like the coveted skein because I made it a little better! What I love is that I don't have to worry that, when sent to me, my skein will have too much green, or that my skein would be missing that pretty color where the magenta meets the blue. It truly is the perfect skein( and the price is right too, let me tell ya)!

NEBULA-Hand Painted Superwash Sock Yarn
Its twin is in my shop.

But I don't dye one or two skeins and put away the dyes. Oh, no. Here are a few more that I'm letting go of.

BIJOU- Hand Painted Superwash Sock Yarn
BIJOU- Hand Painted Superwash Sock Yarn
SPICE, SPICE, BABY-Hand Painted Superwash Sock Yarn

The last one is named Spice, Spice, Baby and I think I'm hilarious.


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oh wow! Great work Heather!

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