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Rockin' Sock

I have been working on my first Rockin' Sock Club sock. It's my first foray into short row toes and heels and I really love the pattern so far. I was really skeptical about knitting a medium weight yarn on such tiny needles because I figured it would feel like walking around in cardboard boxes. They are very sturdy but not stiff like I feared.

The pattern is named "Inside Out" because the socks are reversible. I happen to favor the look of the "inside", which is pictured here.
I haven't gotten much work done because I've been so busy dying yarn. Ever since the mention on Lime & Violet, I can't keep yarn in the shop! This is the best problem I've ever had!
Knitters Rock!

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Anonymous Kelly said...

The sock looks great! I love those colors and Congrats on how well your yarns are selling!

8:26 AM  

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