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Pink Elephants

Did you know that "seeing pink elephants" is a term (from the 50's) used when you are way too drunk, hallucinating, high, hit in the head, or have looked at the sun too long? It's all true! So, I think it's funny that Vera Bradley has a line called Pink Elephants. The pattern has elephants, of course, but also has pink and green trippy paisley. And I love it! Do you think those proper Connecticut ladies from VB knew about where pink elephants really dwell when they named it? I do.
Here's a new yarn in my shop that might make one see pink elephants...

PINK ELEPHANTS- Hand Painted Superwash Sock Yarn

Guess what I named it? That's right! Pink Elephants!

I'm pitiful, I know.

I need to do something to fill the void that my STR order hasn't. I know they're busy with the Rockin' Sock Club, but I really want my new stuff! It's been a week since I ordered and I'm still "pending". I want to be "Filled" or "Completed". Even "Fully Shipped"! Why can't they see that? Why?

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Anonymous Kelly said...

Beautiful yarn and love the name!

Hope your STR comes soon!

7:19 PM  
Blogger moosie said...

I absolutely love these colors, my favorite!!

Thanks for the comment on my blog! you made my day...

3:54 PM  

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