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Progress and Regression

I have made progress on Icarus. I will post a photo but it is kinda bad quality.

Icarus detail

I believe I'm halfway though the last chart but this photo was taken at the beginning of the last chart. I'm a little worried about having enough yarn. the ball is small but densely wound. To give myself a safety net I looked at to see if they had anything close. I know it will be a different dye lot and may not match exactly. I also know things from HPY in the same dye lot will sometimes not match exactly. I'm still thinking about overdyeing because of the weird yellow-pink-beige spots running through it. Most of the time I'm not bothered, but car knitting reveals this color.
Anyhow, here's what fell into my cart by accident:

Hence, the use of the word regression. Now, I know at least one of those will show up looking completely different than the photo. It'll be interesting to see which.


Blogger AR said...

All of that fell into your cart by accident? Wow. pretty yarn

11:11 AM  
Anonymous Kelly said...

I wish yarns would fall into my car by accident! Such beautiful colors.

7:49 AM  

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