No Harm in Yarn

Can't we all just knit along?


I've finished the Tasha Tudor shawl for my Mom. It's a beautiful heathered purple color. I hope she loves it and won't feel like an old lady. I don't even care if she ever uses it. I want her to think it's pretty.
I did a gauge swatch for the Mickey Mouse sweater. I love when things work up a the specified gauge. After all the gauge swatch isn't fun. That's why people don't do them. They just wanna dig in. It sucks when you have to do more than one swatch and change stuff and waste time and yarn and yuck! Mickey didn't let me down! I think I'll have to start working on it now if it's going to be a Christmas present.
I wanna make some socks first. I need to figure out how to knit at work without getting caught.
An unrelated note.... On Craig Kilborn last night The Doors(21st Century) played. I'm sad because my Dear Ian Astbury is singing for them. He was all "Jimmed" up. He sang the songs like he's been listening to the Doors albums forever(like everyone else) and didn't do HIS thing. It's like the guys who are left want it that way. I wish Ian didn't need the money. Maybe I could make some socks for him...


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